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April, 2014- Hampton, VA Hampton University is proud to announce the release of myHamptonU Mobile App that interoperates with the institution’s Ellucian® Banner®. The app will be fully loaded with features such as Registration, Grades, Holds, Class Lookup, Academic Transcript, Account Summary and much more.


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HU Mobile App includes a premium suite of new apps and mobile improvements that Hampton University users require, including:


Cross-Platform functionality: Hampton University’s myCampus Mobile App has the ability to run on a  variety of mobile devices including:

·         iPhone®/iPod Touch®

·         iPad®

·         Android®

·         Windows® Phone 8


Custom Hampton University Mobile Branding: HU Mobile App provides Hampton University with the tools and expertise to make their mobile app look, feel and belong to the Hampton University campus and students.

Custom Apps: HU Mobile App provides users with the mobile access for the apps and features they want and need, including:Read More...

Hampton University’s myCampus mobile App interoperating with Ellucian® Banner® : With one click access to business critical  applications and functionality including:

Single Sign-On: HU Mobile App provides Hampton University with one click access to business critical  applications and functionality including: 

·         Favorites

·         News

·         Events

·         Courses

·         Directory

·         Maps

·         Video

·         Facebook®      

·         Twitter®

·         Emergency          

·         Radio

·         Photos

·         Campus Tour

·         myMessages

·         Athletics App

·         Library App



Maps: Maps on Hampton University’s Mobile App provides aerial views of surrounding areas as well as significant landmarks to locate where users are and where they are going.

Directory: HU Mobile App syncs with Hampton University’s campus directory so students and faculty never have to worry about losing staff contact info.

News: Hampton University’s students, faculty and staff stay informed with local sources and up-to-the-minute information using HU Mobile App.

Videos: Users can access Hampton University video feeds from their mobile devices.

Photos: The HU Mobile App keeps students and alumni connected to campus with galleries and slideshows for major events.

Dining: Hampton University students can check out what is on the menu at the dining wall with the click of a button.

Social Networking: Hampton University’s Twitter® and Facebook® apps give students an easy way to keep track of campus activities from a single location.

Athletics: Students and alumni get sports scores at a glance using HU Mobile App.

Library: Students and faculty can access the Hampton University library while on the go.


For Students: Please use your Portal Credentials


Login: 8-digit HUID#
Password: INFOTECH Password (the password is case sensitive)
         Example: Rodney Wilts
           Username: 00852869
           Password: rw2869



Your Portal Account Your Portal Account

How do I login to myCampus Portal?

To login to the portal, you must be first a registered HU student.

Steps to access the portal:

  1. Go to Hampton University webpage:
  2. Click on Current Students
  3. Look for myCampus Portal and HUNet
  4. Choose myCampus Portal for Enrolled Students

What is my username?

Upon successful completion of the registration process, you will be issued a username and password. Your username is your HUID 8-digit number.

What is my password?

Your password is assigned to you at the time your account is created. The default password is firstlast initials + last 4 of the huID. Try this first. If you cannot login then use your INFOTECH password.

John Smith
User Name: 00012345
Password: js2345

  What do I do if I forgot my password?

  Refer to the following link or you can access Password Manager ONLY if you registered previously.