What is a Portal? What is a Portal?

A portal is a gateway that allows you to access several resources like Blackboard, email, HUnet and the Banner (that usually require that you sign in to each separately) by only signing in once. It uses a cloud computing structure and can also be defined as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) web site that brings all types ofinformation in a central place and makes for making them accessible to an audience of varying range.

What is a Portlet? What is a Portlet?

A Portlet is a small web based application that can run in a portion of a web page. Portlets are mostly part of a portal page, such as the calendar, announcements area, or the Web search engine/tools, are referred to by several different acronyms: services, Channels, tools, etc..

Can I access the portal off campus? Can I access the portal off campus?

Yes. The portal can be accessed from anywhere off campus. All that is needed is an internet connection. You already have your credentials from your registration on HUnet.

What browsers are supported? What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer: version 6.0 Sp2 (limited support), 7 and 8, JavaScript enabled

Firefox 3.5, JavaScript enabled
Safari 4.0, JavaScript enabled
Chrome 6.0, JavaScript enabled
The myCampus Portal uses the latest web technologies and will be upgraded continually to accommodate new features. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the most recent version of your browser.


Iframe issue on Firefox Iframe issue on Firefox

How do I access My Grades? How do I access My Grades?

Enrolled Students can access their grades by logging into https://mycampus.hamptonu.edu/web/mycampus/home.

Click on ACADEMICS, and then you will see My Grades on the top left. The current semester's grades will be displayed.

Click the top down button to review grades from another semester.

The same process applies to access My Schedule.

Non-secure Items message. What should I do? Non-secure Items message. What should I do?

Why do I receive a message about secure and non-secure items when I use HU Portal?

Click to acknowledge the message. Some of our portlets pull in information from external sites (RSS feeds , Top Stories, weather, verse of the day, video etc.) and these information are not encrypted. That is what generates the warning. This error happens mostly when using Internet Explorer browsers.


How can Ienable mixed contents on INTERNET EXPLORER? How can Ienable mixed contents on INTERNET EXPLORER?

Open Internet Explorer

Click on Tools > Internet Options


Click on the Security tab > Custom Level button



Scroll down about  half way throw the list of Settings


Find Display mixed content

Click on the Enable radio button

Click OK


Choose Yes